This Is a Secret!

Do you know that your enemies (if you have one) can be at peace with you and even help you climb your success ladder? Yes, it is possible! Note that the enemy is one who want you to pass through his or her territory to succeed and who would want to see you live a frustrated life. But the Bible says that these groups of people will become friends and make peace with you if your ways as a child of God please Him (Prov. 16:7)

Many are frustrated and dejected today because somebody in high position has said that as long as he remains in that position, they cannot have that contract, promotion or get the pay for the job well done, even cannot graduate, e.t.c. These are all enemies of progress the devil is using to fight against you. But you can overcome all of them. Daniel was a man whose ways pleased God and as a result, his enemies were forced to be at peace with him.

Even the lions that are fierce enemies of man became friends to him (Dan. 6:19-22). The lives of many age displeasing to God and as a result, attract enemies by their character and attitude. But I have taken time to make you know the secret of how to make your enemies your friends by compulsion.

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