Learn To Witness Effectively

“Having therefore obtained help of God, I continue unto this day, witnessing both to small and great.” – Acts 26:22

A witness is a person who was present when something happened and who can tell what he/she saw or knows about a person or an event.

The Christian life is a witnessing life. We are witnesses for Christ. We bear witness Christ and the claims of the gospel by our lives, by our light, and by our lips. If we are not bearing witness to Christ, we are against Him.

By its very nature, every Christian is a witness, and that of Christ. At least before a person can be called a Christian, he must have had an experience with Christ, with other growing experience after becoming a Christian.

To be an effective witness, we must settle the issue connected with it in our hearts http://www.needgod.com

1. What have you experienced with Christ 1 Timothy 1:15. If you only preach what they’ve heard before it would be like nothing new but if you tell them of how you were drowning in sin, and how Jesus came and rescue you, they would listen with keen interest.

2. What you have seen Christ do Mark 7:22. Here’s another great tip for witnessing, tell your listener what you’ve seen Jesus do. Tell them He is the same yesterday, today and forever. If He did it before, He will do it again

3. What you have heard Christ say John 18:19. Search the Scripture to see what Jesus had said concerning your listener’s salvation.

4. The gospel of the kingdom Matthew 24:14. It is where many witnesses for Christ miss it! Don’t preach yourself – preach Jesus and Him crucified. Don’t let your listener focus on you, point them to Jesus.

To be effective in witnessing, right approach is very essential.
1. The right person must go for witnessing Luke 24:48.
2. The right message must be carried along Mark 16:15
3. The right words must be used Psalms 68:11
4. The right attitude must be demonstrated Isaiah 6:8
5. The right method must be adopted Galatians 2:2

We need something to tell, we also need the power to tell it. We must be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be empowered by Him before we can bear witness effectively, in all the world.

My experience:

During my last days College, my yearning for God drastically increased. By God’s grace, they chose me as the fellowship Vice President (Student Christian Movement), and was headed by my beloved president, Ovie Emmanuel. On a particular day, we were in class it was almost closing time, my classmates were talking here and there, boy chatting with girls and vice versa. Then suddenly, a student came out and started putting jokes. . . And you know, students like jokes, so everyone was laughing loud.

Meanwhile, we sat discussing issues. Immediately I received a prompting from the Holy Spirit to go and join them. I knew the joke they were putting was filthy. I obeyed the voice of the Holy Spirit, stood up and toke the stage. My classmates knew me very well, that I won’t participate in such activity. But here was I standing before them, as if to put a joke.

I followed the Spirit leading, and started by putting a mini joke with eternal value. Nobody laugh so well. From there I preached to everyone in the classroom. The Spirit of God toke over. They listened with so great interest, even those walking along the corridor started jumping in to listen to my emergency sermon. It was a awesome experience. I remember vividly that many gave their lives to Jesus at the end of it.

Without the Holy Spirit, you would endanger yourself and do it mechanically. Pray to receive the Holy Spirit today.

Reflect on this: A true witness delivereth soul (Proverbs 14:25a)


One thought on “Learn To Witness Effectively

  1. I remember that day in class vividly. I used to hate S.C.M in those days, I despised their zeal, I was bitter whenever they were fellowshipping close to my class. I was a member of God’s kingdom society where they teach that hell means grave.

    Everyday in school they kept talking about hell, eternity and accepting Jesus as personal Lord and Saviour at assembly and it was disturbing me. After you finished preaching that day I left school tired and confused, I remember going home and for the first time I told GOD in prayer that all I want is to serve him that he should show me the way.

    That’s how I got to where I was worshipping before and I started attending S.C.M fellowship.


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