The Samson(s) of This Generation

”For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.” – Romans 11:29

The story of Samson is one of the most popular in the Bible that even a child can tell his story. When we hear the name Samson, we think of power, strength and anointing.

Samson’s story began in Judges 13 where we were told about the anointed birth of a deliverer. He was a proper child, called and anointed of God for a special purpose.

”To deliver the children of Israel from the hands of the Philistines:”

Just like many today who are called and anointed by God for special assignments. Just like there are many calling in the church today, Apostles, Pastors, Evangelist…etc (Eph. 4:11-12). But you will observe that Samson was highly anointed but he wasn’t holy. He saw a woman of the heathen God has earliar warned them not to inter-marry with, of all the beautiful women in Israel he chose to disobey God’s commandment (Judges 14:1-5).

Many of us so called Christians who sense God’s grace working in their lives somethings take God for granted because they feel because of God’s presence in them, anything can be done, after all they say in their heart, ”God understands”.

Samson was highly involved in immorality yet still anointed. He slept with harlots from place to place, but anytime he entered the pulpit anointed and power is released. What a mystery! God is not moved by your anointed brother/sister, He want you to live a holy life.

“Follow peace with all men and holiness, without which no man can see the Lord.” – Heb. 12:14.

Did you see that? God demands holiness from His children. God hate sin. The Bible clearly calls those christian and non-christian woman putting on trousers “ABOMINATION” (Deut. 22:5). Fornicators, drunkards, smokers, liars will not see the kingdom of God.

We have many who dress in the atire of an harlot (Prov. 7:10)in the altar declaring the word of God, rattling with tongues, so why ar they still manifesting the power of God and still fornicating?

The following are the features of how a typical harlot dresses to attract her victims:
1. Painted eyes 2. Wet lips 3. Painted nails 4. Painted eye lashes 5. Earrings 6. Necklace and chains 7. Perming of hair 8. Putting on of trousers 9. Jerry curl (which some men do, even Pastors) 10. Wearing tight fitting dress to expose their valued parts to the public 11. Hair attachments of various kinds etc.

“For the GIFTS and CALLING of God are without repentance.”

I think this is where I fear God the most – He can use you and finally dump you in hell fire if you refuse to seek His help now.

In Judges 16, we see another wonder being done by Samson, just coming from the house of an harlot but was so anointed that he was able to lift up the city’s gate and carry on his shoulder, and ran with it to the hills – anointing indeed! But a sinner.

So, you see some Pastors and church workers living in sin, but on Sunday(s) they come to church and pretend nothing happened because after all, the power of God is still readily available.

How those this message concern you my dear reader(s)? You may be a Pastor, or worker perhaps a church hater, a fornicator, drunkard…or whosoever you are, listen to me EMPHASIS IS NOT ON POWER OR ANOINTING BUT ON HOLINESS. O man of God, rely not on your work Calling and anointing are very good but are only for the earth, you won’t to heaven to lay hands on the sick to get healed, or render a special number to touch a sinner’s heart (there is no sinner in heaven). No matter how anointed you are as a christian your anointing cannot grant you permit into heaven.

As for your work on earth, God will reward you because you used your anointing to win souls, but as for heaven forget it! God is not playing, nothing defiled will enter heaven…

Don’t be deceived by all these celebrity preachers you see on TV everyday telling you it doesn’t matter how you dress as a woman or man. Today, we have so many christians dressing like harlot, and where are they going? To the church, it is good they are going to the church but as for heaven, adorned like that? You can’t reach the gate. Pastors that fail to tell their members about the Truth that hell fire exist and sin will take them there will also perish for ever. Especially in the Western (for we Africans copied this world style of dressing from them). Believe it or not, don’t know if you pastor have told you before – Jesus is coming now.

He coming to rapture a glorious you not a fornicating, gambling, anger, unforgiving…you.

You see all these preachers jumping up and down, releasing power on their members, organizing crusades from country to country, fire conference, miracle crusades etc and yet God is not with them. They are only using the gifts God gave them earliar on.

When the Spirit of God left Samson, he didn’t even know, he was busy fornicating and tearing lion and carrying gates.

“…and he wist not that the LORD qas departed from him.” – Judges 16:20

Remain Blessed:)


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