Spiritual Plans For The New Year

“Anyone who fails to plan has planned to fail.”

Every year people from all walks of life make plans on how to go about their life. Business men make plans on how to improve their business, how to maximize profit and serve their customers in a better way. As a student, you make plan how on to go about your studies, how to get higher grades in school and do well in subjects that has been a challenge. A bachelor plans how to get married, how to save and settle down in a good apartment and put things in order before marriage. Everybody is making plans. The company is planning on how to achieve greater goals this New Year 2014. But our concern here is your SPIRITUAL PLANS FOR THE YEAR.

Do you have spiritual plans for the year? Have you written down spiritual goals to guide your walk with God this year? Or you just want to rush into the year without God-plan in place? What are the things you should plan about this year?

1. Personal Bible Study. 2 Tim. 2:15. Perhaps you’ve been a Christian for some years now, have you thought of reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelation? In your plans this new year, did you include your personal Bible. A man that read and study the Bible will not be deceive. The world is full of evil you need to Know God Personally, and how else do you do that except by studying the Bible yourself. If you read just three chapters a day, you’ll be able to finish the whole Bible in a year. Make plans to read through the Bible this year, that would be one of your greatest achievement this year. Don’t boast for anything else but for the fact that you know God personally (Jer. 9:23-24). It was John Bunyan that said, “READING THE BIBLE WILL KEEP YOU AWAY FROM SIN OR SIN WILL KEEP YOU AWAY FROM READING THE BIBLE”.

2. Personal Prayer Life. Did you have a personal prayer life last year. Without a personal prayer life all the problems of life would come against you. Prayer is the key to fighting the battle of life. Rick Warren said, ‘Much prayer, much power, Little prayer, little power’s no prayer, no power.” This year, no matter the prophecy given by your Pastor or Bishop, you cannot achieve anything except by prayers (Luke 18:1-8). This year, make plans to pray. Don’t get too busy with work and forget about your prayer life, after all you will leave all these things you’re busy about behind, according to the wisest man who ever lived – it’s all vanity!

3. Attending Fellowship and Church Services (Heb. 10:25, Ps. 133:1). Are there not some of you reading this right now who didn’t attend Sunday Church service more than 5 times last year? What about weekly services, did you attend regularly, were you faithful? Your Pastor will not floge you for being a Sunday – Sunday Christian (going to Church only on Sundays) but remember that God keep record. You may think that you’re acting smart, but you’re really very foolish giving less importance to God and more to work and self. This year, don’t be like that, make plans to attend services not only on Sundays but all other Church programmes.

4. Tithing and Giving (Mal. 3:8-12, Luke 6:38). Were you faithful in tithing last year. There are some of you who don’t even pay your tithe and think that’s ok. GOD says You’re A THIEF! Don’t you know that 10 per cent of your income, be it salary or personal income belongs to God. You must take that 10 per cent to your Pastor at the end of every month lest you place a curse on yourself by yourself. God says in Malachi that YOU’RE CURSED WITH A CURSE for not being a tither. Don’t act smart, God knows you making money, He’s that One that blesses you, so be grateful to Him by paying your tithe regularly and faithfully. The only way you can get is by giving.

5. Evangelism and Soul Winning (Dan. 12:3). Make plans to go out and win souls for Christ this year. Don’t be a bench warmer, you’re saved to serve others. You’re created for mission, that’s why you’re in a Church. Go out and be a soul winner, invite your friends to Church. Share gospel tracts. Tell somebody Jesus loves you. You can be a soul winner this year.

And remember to achieve your goals spiritually you must be consistent and focus. Don’t delay in taking action, do it now- today! Don’t be lazy, follow your plan and believe in yourself that you can achieve greatness this year both spiritually and physically. God bless you my friend:)


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