Nothing Is Impossible With God

“For with God nothing shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37

This is one of my favourite Bible verse in The Bible because it tells me something very interesting – that God can do ALL things. People always tries to do one thing or the other that’s supernatural – the world generally respect those who can do the impossible – I believe that it’s only by the grace of God that the impossible can be done.

God specialises in doing BIG and IMPOSSIBLE things – He is telling us that He is not a man! There are things you might want God to do for you that seems impossible – but I just want to encourage to TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD, whatsoever He says, He will do!

A story is told of a Christian Brother in the army, who was faithfully serving God in spirit and in truth.

From time to time, the captain of their troop often mock him for holding forth to such ‘UNKNOWN GOD’. He was scorned and laughed at – many a times, he wept secreting for the persecution he receive on daily basis.

One day, his captain, wanting to openly embarrass him, came to his front with a key in his hand and said –
“Take this key and go and park that jeep over there in garage.”

“Sir, I cannot drive…” replied the Christian soldier.

“O yes, I know you cannot drive – that’s why I want you to ask your assistance, God, to help you out!”

“…prove to us He exist anywhere…” continued the captain. They all laugh loud.

They Christian soldier took the key and started walking towards the jeep – praying in his mind. He entered the jeep and was able to park the jeep PERFECTLY where it should be.

As the soldier open to door – he saw that both the captain and the other soldiers around were on the floor crying! And they all said with one voice –
“we want to serve your God.”

The Christian soldier was suprised, he wanted to know what was going on. Then with tears in his eyes – the captain went over and open the hood of the jeep to tell the brother IT HAD NO ENGINE!

They all became Christians that day having seen the Greatest of the God of impossibilities. That Brother drove a car without an engine – I can hear someone saying, ‘THIS MUST BE GOD”.

You’re right! God can do all things – including the ones you think is difficult. Like this brother, you just have to trust Him to help you. He always uses His available children to manifest His impossibilities.

My dear reader, is there anything too hard for God to do? Absolutely NOTHING! The God that created all things can do all things. The fact that business is low doesn’t mean God is no more – He’s still on the throne my friend.
Be encouraged!

Remember – don’t ever forget – when you’re faced with a difficult situation that “…nothing shall be impossible with God.”

For every Goliath God gives us a stone. Your stone is in your hand right now – and what’s that stone? Faith! Yes, it’s faith! Trusting that God can do it.

But my beloved reader, God cannot do the impossible in your life if you’re still in the devil’s camp. You have to leave the darkness to the light, come out from sin by accepting Jesus into your life today – only then will God be the God of Impossibities in your life, family and business.

Fear not! Your Father in heaven can do ALL things. Only trust in His love. Remain blessed.


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