The Church In Great Apostasy

Apostasy is seen as the turning away of any individual, organization or church from the truth – it is fallen away from God to Satan. It’s a time of cold zeal and love for God.

The early Church started on fire, burning for God and turning the world upside down (Acts 17:6). They preached the truth without any form of compromise, they lived a Chrisitian and was fully operating in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Church then was fervent and bold, though faced with great persecution, they continued to grow and grow. They had a faith unshakeable, love unbreakable and joy unspeakable.


Under the rule of Nero in Rome, the Chrisitians faced more severe pains and trials. Then, Empero Costantine succeeded Nero and claim to have seen Jesus in a vision on his way back from a war, he then said it was Jesus who gave them victory and forcefully imposed Chrisitianity as a state religion to all the citizens of Rome. Brethrens, Salvation is NOT by force, it’s by willingly surrender oneself to Jesus, confessing your sins and believing in Jesus’ death on the cross of calvary.

So, those who became Chrisitians ‘BY FORCE’ brought in their idols to the house of God and was welcomed. Many godless practices was introduced in the Church in Rome, founded by Paul, the apostle. Practices like Mother – son worship, purgatory, Mary worship, image worship and many others.

The Church first saw this as a miracle from God to ease their persecution, little did they know Satan was at work. In no time, Popes and Bishops were given place of leadership, Satan was brought to the pulpit, they started preaching heresies and great lies and the Church on fire, which was birthed in Pentecost gradually fell to the mud.

That’s the origin of apostasy. The Twenty-Frist Century Chruch is in great apostasy, it’s difficult to identify Chrisitians these day because many live in gross darkness – when the Church was in tune with God, their women and young girls dressed decently and inorder, covering their nakedness BUT today, the reverse is the case. We have Churches today where people are allowed to dress as though they’re going to a club house, professing holiness BUT denying the power thereof.

The Church is sleeping! America, a country blessed of God, used of God in bringing revival to the world, especially Africa through their fathers of faith who knew the Lord, the preached and practiced true holiness – men like David Branaid, Jonathan Edwards, John Wesley, C.H. Spurgeon and a score of others … Has now become the seat of Satan and many do NOT KNOW THIS! With all these multitudes of Tv and Radio preachers we have, where is the fire? I mean the Church is sleeping! Sleeping!! Sleeping!!!

All these preachers that preach only miracles, fame, prosperity are nothing but morsel of bread in Satan’s hand. I mean, real preachers are concern about the soul of their members and warn them to FLEE FROM THE WRATH TO COME! We don’t have much heaven, hell and holiness preachers in America and the world today, all we have are extortioners begging for sponsor on Tv, they know not God!

Preacher that cannot spend atleast two hours daily in secret prayers, what is the use mounting the pulpit to preach dead sermons to a dead congregation, we’re in great Apostasy! May God help us!

How can the church that started on fire end with ashes, what do we have in our altar today, I know! It’s smoke and ashes, there is NO FIRE ON THE ALTAR! If God does not send us a HOLY GHOST REVIVAL – we’re finised!

Our youths prefer entertainment more than God, they rather attend a music concert than prayer meeting, what are we saying? Where is the fire? Did the Holy Ghost that worked through the apostle retired? NO! God forbid! The Holy Spirit is as much alive as He was with the first century believers, so what is the problem? It is this end-time weapon employed by the devil called apostasy, great falling away from the truth. Prayer is the key to drive this sin away from us, things would get worse because it is fulfilment of Scriptural Prophesy (Matt. 24:12-14, 2 Thess. 2:1-4, 2 Tim. 4:1-4). May God help us in Jesus Name.

Don’t fulfill the bad side of these prophesies, rather stand firm and preach the truth in holiness and righteousness. God bless you!

Your servant,


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