An Urgent Message From Jesus To All Christians And Non-Christians


My children, Be very careful because this is the last hour. The nigh is sent at is far spent. The devil is seriously vexed with my sheep all over the world, he has succeeded in falling, so many unserious brethren with sweet poison trap he has caused many to die and obscure them from My gracious love and mercy.

Satan has sent thousands of demons against the church, standing Christian Brethren and Sisters. He has invented new weapons wherewith he shall successfully ruin many. Beloved, My little flock, beware you’re like an army in the camp of your enemy.

If you’re not careful, no matter how strong you think you are, you cannot endure to the end. Hell’s conference hall is busy daily. Satan regularly meets with his demons to give them more dangerous trick to destroy the lives of men.

Majority of his talks has centred on the Church, the Ministers of the gospel, the faithful, uncompromising brethren, those that are serious with evangelism, those that spend time alone in prayers, lovers of My Word, The best caption for this time to all my children is what the angel told Lot – ESCAPE FOR YOUR LIFE!

I, Jesus, weep because when I see the way My children are unaware, deep in sleep,
… I weep, to see that only few of my flock are aware – watching and praying. This is the end time and salvation belongeth to Me. Don’t follow the present trend … follow Me, enter My Ark, quick – quick.

Listen to a quiet discussion now in hell:

SATAN: We cannot be silent, we cannot grow weak, and our products are selling well in the world. The Church has embraced the fashion that we have manufactured. But there are still some stubborn one that are refusing our products. We cannot give up, if they would not accept our offer, let’s give them even the more dangerous ones, they cannot understand this is the worst (he laughs).

Blow the perfume of sex, immorality, fornication among them … don’t be fools! FOCUS ON THE YOUTHS, they are the leaders of tomorrow, deceive the youths to start relationship under the disguise of Christian Brother and Sisters – Let genuine salvation be taken away from them.

Occupy them with phones, music, internet, video game, all kinds of seasoned films, make sure they are learning their wisdom from Africa magic and the other of our channels … make them sit glued to TV, make it rare for them to marry without defiling their garment.

Give them fake glory, let them copy the world, let worldly gospel preachers, like Chris Oyakhilome, T. B. Joshua, Oprah Wilfred, Joel Osteen, etc be their role model. Don’t let them trust all these old-fashioned preachers, block their vision.

Soon, all these youths in the Church who think they’re standing, we shall fall them.

JESUS: Listen, Satan has dispatched thousands of wicked demons all over Churches in the world. When I said IT IS THE LAST HOUR, most of My children don’t understand.

But I have written it all for you in My Word, read your Bible and be prayerful.

I am gathering My Armies, my Soldiers all over the world. They are My Bride, My Chosen ones — these are they that give me joy and make my heart gladden. They are they that are washed with My Precious Blood, My pure and Righteous ones. They cannot be comfortable without involving in personal evangelism, my children that cannot be quiet over the dying souls around them. They that are weak but depend on My strength, My little flock, that listen to the Word and practice it, they that are prayerful, earnestly waiting for my coming.

You won’t wait for so long, I’ll come again, as I have promised and take you out of this world. Call upon me in the days of trouble and I’ll give you rest and comfort. I have come in your midst to bless you, you’re blessed. Be strong, be strong.

If I show the whole world hell fire for 30 seconds, they would all be convince of their sins and saved but I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy.

There are some of you who are waiting for Divine Revelations before you get broken and serious with My work. Go out for evangelism … Blessed is the man who, though he receives no Divine Revelation but continually search the Scriptures daily to see all that have been written, Blessed is that woman, though, I have not spoken to them, are out for me winning souls … search the Scriptures.

If you miss Heaven after you’ve laboured for me … I will not compromise My Word and standard, hell would be for you. Don’t think you’ve arrived until you see your soul at My feet … Be careful because men; anointed, greater than you, whom I used mightily, like Benson Idahosa and some others are in hell.

Bewared, don’t say, “I’ve done so much for Jesus, he cannot cast me to hell …” I hate sin and will always punish it in the flames of hell.

Repent, repent, repent, Oh My Children, that you may be saved, Oh that you would understand and ESCAPE FOR YOUR LIFE.


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