Learn To Follow Christ

“Jesus saith unto him, if I will that he tarry till I come what is that to thee? Follow thou me” (John 21:22)

Many have known a lot about many things in the church but are still lacking the basic knowledge. You may not think there is any lesson in following the Lord. The first and basic lesson for a believes is to learn how to follow the Lord. Jesus in John 21:20-22 was teaching Peter the importance me followership. We must learn to follow the Lord as well as learning to follow a God appointed leader.

All lessons are learnt at the feet of Christ. The Lord calls the believers out of the world, out of sin and self to sit at His feet, learning spiritual lessons. We must know our Lord. We must follow our Lord. We must know the way of our Lord. We must follow in the foot steps of the Master.

1. We must learn to sit at the feet of the Master (Acts 2:34-35)

2. We must be ready to follow withersoever He goeth (Luke 9:57)

3. We must learn to free ourselves from worldly entanglements (Luke 9:5-61)

4. We must love God supremely (Luke 14:26; Matthew 10:37)

5. We must focus our eyes on the Lord (John 21:20-21)

6. We must not bother who or how others follow (John 21:21-22)

7. We must follow the path of the cross (Matthew 10:38-39)

Reflection: “Then Peter began to say unto Him, lo we have left all and have followed thee” (Matthew 10:28)

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