Christian Websites I Recommend With Comments

Beloved of God, Thanks for visiting this page! There are so many Christian websites in the World Wide Web, most of which are a blessing to the lives of hungry souls who had visited in the past and are still visiting up to date.

The following websites are they, which I have personally visited and got a lot inspiration from, do yourself good to visit some today.

12. Jesus is Savior I so love and cherish. One of the greatest when it comes to defending the King James Bible, exposing false prophets, religion, bibles and thousands of articles that would encourage, motivate, inspire, shock and strengthen.

11. Sermonindex Promoting Genuine Biblical Revival, started in 2002 and covering over 215 countries today. This is my most favourite because I’ve come to know great men from the past centuries, though dead, their sermons still speak fresh as though they’re alive (for indeed, many are alive in the Celestial City). Mp3 sermons, Christian books and audio Bible have helped shapened my Christian life to something best than when I first lighted here in 2012. I highly recommended this website for every blood-washed Christian.

10. Christian Classics Ethereal Library – An online library containing hundreds of classic Christian books, Bible outlines and commentaries. The site is simple, easy to navigate and provides the books in several formats or you can view and search them online.

9. – This is an awesome site that I’ve turned to several times to help prepare for a Sunday school lesson. The site is packed with over 45,000 articles and provides Biblical answers to many of the most commonly asked questions. You can also read movie reviews, game reviews, articles for teens or explore the kid’s section.

8. – Social networking has exploded in popularity over the last couple of years, with MySpace and Facebook leading the way. is the Christian alternative to MySpace. If you’ve spent more than 5 minutes on MySpace you know why a Christian alternative is needed. MyPraize does a good job of filling that gap. If you can’t get enough of social networking sites or you’re fed up with the trash on MySpace, give MyPraize a try.

7. Answers In Genesis – AiG is the website of Ken Hamm’s creationist ministry. Their goal is to educate people on scientific evidence which refutes the notion of evolution and an old earth and supports the Biblical account of creation. This is the most in depth Creationist site on the Internet and contains thousands of article and videos. The site has been recently redesigned and is better than ever!

6. – Browse sermons by topic, speaker, scripture reference or date delivered. You can listen online or download the MP3 to your iPod. Over 180,000 sermons in MP3 format! If each sermon lasts an average of 30 minutes and you listened to them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it would take you 10.2 years to hear all of the sermons that are currently on You better get started now!

5. – Can you guess what this site is about? If you’ve ever visited YouTube then you’ll have no problem finding your way around And there’s plenty of videos to keep you busy. I had actually considered adding a similar area to but once GodTube came along, I knew I couldn’t do it any better than they do. It’s a notch site that’s extremely fast. Trust me when I say, that’s a major accomplisment when you’re dealing with a bandwidth hog like streaming videos

4. – I LOVE this site! I had to be really objective here because I could have easily put as the #1 site, but I’m a news and political junkie. Christian Post covers the news from a Christian perspective and gives you the details that the liberal media leaves out. If you keep up with current events like I do you may want to make this your home page. No, wait… should be your home page :-)

3. Bible Gateway – In 1995, there were less than 200,000 total websites on the Internet. Bible Gateway was there! ( also went online in 1995. Wow, that seems like a long time ago!!) Bible Gateway is certainly not up to date with all the “cool” Web 2.0 gadgets and gizmos, and there are other Bible search sites that provide more features. But when it comes to searching the Bible, no site is easier or quicker to use than Bible Gateway. That’s why it ranks as the #1 most visited Christian website on the Internet.

2. -This one has plenty to keep you busy. There’s Bible tools, study and sermon resources, devotionals, games and articles. You can also tune in to Christian radio and listen to your favorite Christian music or maybe catch the latest broadcast from John MacArthur, Chuck Swindoll or Dennis Rainey.

1. and the #1 site is…. – CrossWalk has been at or near the top for nearly 10 years now. They went through a rough transition a few years ago before being acquired by Salem Web Network, but now they are better than ever. CrossWalk takes advantage of the latest web technologies to create an attractive, easy to navigate website. You can listen to one of their ten CrossWalk radio stations or browse one of their channels ranging in topic from homeschooling to movies. Be sure to check out their newly released Bible Study tools. This is the sleakest, most advanced online Bible study tools I’ve seen to date.


I will continue soon…


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