TEXT: JOHN. 2:12-25, MATT. 21:12, HEB. 13:8.

The Lord Jesus Christ, has been to Cana of Galilee for A particular wedding, and there, He performs Miracle by Turning water Into wine.

His Miracle is A Creative Miracle.

His Miracle is A Transforming Miracle. And after He Left Cana, He went into Capernaum and there, He demonstrated All His Attributes as The Sonship of God. and when the Jews’ Passover was at hand, and Jesus Christ went up to Jerusalem, and He found in the Temple those that sold many things. And He said unto them that sold doves, Take these things hence; make not My Father’s house an house of Merchandise. He told them that He will destroyed this Temple, and in Three days He will raise it up. We can see that, what the Lord has done from the Beginning of His Ministry, was done with Zealousness. There are some preachers that started their Ministry without seeking for the Glory of God and Honour of God. Jesus Christ turned water into wine, and that’s what the people wanted, they’re excited Because of Miracle.

And when the people needs Miracle, He gives it for them.

And when the people needs Correction, He gives it for them. He balanced everything.

But sinners are still sinners.

unbelievers are still unbelievers. Since the beginning of His ministry, He corrected the erroneous teaching And He performs miracles, but after 3Years, there was no change and repentance, they have gone back into the same sinful practices. that’s means there’s no repentance in them..

Christ is about the Glory of God and Honor of God. but some people are always after the self glorification. 

God is telling us that, The Temple is built for a purpose, and they are not built for worldly entertainment.

  • The Temple is not built for money ventures. Christ is teaching us that, His Church is not for gambling and laundry.
  • His Church is not for criminal Activities.
  • His Church is not for fun.
  • His Church is not for commercialization of the religion.
  • His Church is not for marketing.

Jesus Christ came to cleansed and purged His Church. And after the end of His ministry, He cleansed The Temple.

At the Beginning of His ministry, We can see, Consistency, Constantly and commitment..

Jesus Christ preached in the same way and Acted in the same way.


JH 2:13-19.

There are Three things that Christ is pointing out for us to Understand.

*. The Misappropriation by the Transgressors. John 2:13, Exo. 12:11,27, Lev. 23:5, Num. 28:16.

These Pharisees are mis interpreted and misunderstood the Lords supper. They called the Lord’s Supper Jews’ Supper, and turned the House of God to marketing. they are misunderstood the Scripture and somebody must correct them, and that’s the reason why Jesus came to correct them. and if we notice any Misappropriation in the Temple of God, we have to correct them and return everything unto God, for He’s the one that Instituted everything.

* The Merchandise in His Temple. 2Pet.2:3, Reve 18:11-14, Jhn2:15-19, PSA 69:9.

They had a kind of ceremony in the Temple of God, and they were to keep on celebrating, they came to sell in the Temple of God and when Jesus came, the Zeal of the Lord came upon Him because; He saw what it shouldn’t be in the Temple of God. and if you see anything in the House of God, and it shouldn’t be, you need not to compromise, You’ll Stand for Righteousness.
All the people that commercializing in the House of God, the Bible called them; False prophets, canal people, unrighteous people and backsliding People. there are many people that, whatever A preacher or denominational Pastor does, it always Right.

There are many people that turned the Religion into money making.

They turned prayer to money making business. That’s what Jesus Christ said that it shouldn’t happened. But when you understand, you’ll prepared your mind, some people have turned Church to money making ventures. all they want to do is to make money. they always talk about money everyday, Such preachers are Ignorant. they sold the things that will be A blessings to other people. they are not concerning for the souls.

1Tim.6:9,10. God knows every heart, He knows what you are doing before the service and after service.

* His ministry of Transformation. 1Chro.29:5,15,16, 2Cor.6:16-18, Lev. 20:7,8, PSA. 93:5, 1Cor. 3:16. Eph. 2:19-22, Titus 2:14.

When Jesus Christ saw what is not supposed to be done, He takes Immediate Action. Jesus Christ knew the Word of God and when Jesus Christ came and saw that they have polluted The Temple, and He knows the Purpose of God. He cleansed the Temple, and when we talks about Temple is not only the Building.we are also The Temple of God, if you’re saved and Born again, Your body is the Temple of God and He doesn’t want any defilement, He looks at us as His Temple, and He says that, you must be clean because you’re The Temple of God. The Temple of God must be sanctified and they are The people that will keep on walking on His way till end. and if anyone defile The Temple of God, He will destroy that person. Jesus Christ is Our Messiah, He’s the one that they cleanse the sinners and make it to become The servant of God. The Misappropriation of the Passover has make The Jews to misbehave and do whatever they like.

The Temple of God is referring to us and the whole building. We, as A Child of God, He want to build on us. Jesus Christ was Zealous, the same He want us to be Zealous. To make sure that your own Temple is Cleansed, You must be sanctified and the physical church must remain clean as Christ want.



They are Teachers of religion. The Bible tells us that, when Jesus Christ said that, He will destroy The Temple and Raise it up within 3Days, He was talking on something Spiritual.

* The problem with the canal Christian. Matt. 12:38-40,26:59,27:39. Jesus Christ told them About His Birth, His death and His Resurrection. But they are canal, Jesus Christ was talking about His body, and He always tell them that, He will died and rose up on the Third day.

 * The Prophecy of Christ’s Resurrected. Matt. 16:21, Mk. :9:31, Lk. 18:31-34, 1Cor16:3, Jhn. 2:21, Matt. 27:62-64.

Christ meant that, He will died and resurrected on the Third day. He told them from the beginning, But they pretended. He referred Himself as the Temple that will be build within Three days. when He told them that, He will destroyed The Temple and raised it up in 3days. He was talking about Himself, they understood and pretended not to understand. but whatever they did, Our Messiah, Saviour rose up for our Justification. His disciples also remembered that He spoke about it.


JHN2:22,12:42, ACT 8:13,18-22, REVE 3:1,21:8,27, JAMES 2:19,20, ROM. 8:5-9, TITUS. 2:11-14.

Jesus Christ did not commits Himself unto them because He knows their mind.

Your confession is presented by sure Repentance. some people believed, but their mind remained the same. Some people believed, but their heart has not changed and transformed.We must go beyond; I Believed. There must be a thorough change of mind, character, Repentance and direction. there must be a new life and creatures in you.

Faith without Repentance is dead..

Faith without changed of life, is dead

Faith without Transformation is dead.

Christ has died for you, He cleansed you and when Salvation come, There must be a thorough change of life, character, Conduct and zealous.

If you’re Born again, Covetousness, lust of flesh and pride of life must not be in your life again.

When you come to the Lord, and say; Bye bye to sin and you made up your mind, He cleanse you and change your life completely, If anyone be in Christ He’s A new creature. you’ll confess and say;

Fighting, Bye bye, then, you must embrace the Lord come what may be.

Repentance, New life, Sanctification Change of Character, Change of behavior, change of conduct. e.t.c. these are the evidence of a definite Transformation and New Creature In Christ.

Christ is calling you unto Repentance. come unto Him and confess all your sins, He will Forgive you, He will Purge you, He will Purify you and cleansed you from sins, and Write your Name in the Book of Life In Heaven.